Monday, October 29, 2018

Remember Me....You're Always Loved

I live in a senior community and the majority of my friends are senior citizens. And it seems like almost everyday I hear about someone whose loved one has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease. This devastating disease has no cure and it not only robs the person suffering from it; it robs the family of their loved one. There is no known cure at this time. More research is needed to erratic this horrible disease.

I'm please to announce that the company I am a part of is doing just that!! Color Street has designed a beautiful purple nail strip with butterflies and hearts!! NEW 💜 Always Loved 💜

NOVEMBER is Alzheimer's Awareness Month. Wear your support for Alzheimer's Awareness with Always Loved, a butterfly and heart design in shades of purple.
Now to the end of November 2018, $2 from the purchase of every set is going to the Fisher Center for Alzheimer's Research Foundation, which is dedicated to finding a cure through groundbreaking research, improving the care of people living with Alzheimer's disease, and supporting their caregivers and family members.

You can find yours right here in my Color Street website!!

I appreciate your support of this worthy cause.

....until next time, keep your Sunny Side Up 🌞

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

It's Keepin' Me Off The Streets

When I retired, my only "plan" was to sleep in and have lazy mornings drinking my coffee and watching the Today Show. Those were the simple luxuries I looked forward to. I planned to never, ever look at a computer again!! You know, just relax!! That lasted about 3 months. Then boredom set in!

And here we are, six years later and I'm busier than I've ever been!! I'm writing a blog, organized an HOA, have become politically active, writing not one, but two, monthly newsletters and just recently started a new business!! And just yesterday I learned how to make my own videos! Call me crazy!!

But I have to say, I've never felt more alive!! No more sleeping in and letting my mind go to mush, I'm learning new things everyday. Yes, I've had to 'bite the bullet' and buy a new computer. And I get frustrated everyday with technology, but I think it's helping me stay sharp. A lady in our community who is in her 90's says it best, "You're a second class citizen if you don't use computers these days". And she knows best since she is in the dark on the goings on in the cyber world and she's feeling very left out!I

So I encourage you all to "think outside the box" and do something everyday to help your mind and body stay fit. Learn a new skill! Start a new activity. Join a club or even start a club. Go meet new people. Get up and get out! Do something that really challenges you!!  Step out of your comfort zone and jump in with both feet! You won't be sorry! You're mind and your body will love you for it!!

....until next time, keep your Sunny Side Up 🌞

Monday, October 22, 2018

Color Street is All the RAGE!!!

What is Color Street??

And, the BEST news is the Christmas / Holiday nails will be available starting at 9am on Tuesday, October 23rd!! So get ready to shop til you drop!!

You can find that shopping link right HERE!

And for a sneak peak at what the Christmas styles are, come join my V.I.P. Facebook Group HERE! It's where all the fun begins!

....until next time, keep your Sunny Side Up 🌞

Friday, October 19, 2018

Color Street Christmas Sneak Peek

News Release!! On Tuesday, October 23rd @ 1pm PST the Color Street Christmas Holiday line will be released. As one of my preferred customers, I wanted to give you a heads up and first chance to grab these beauties. I know you're going to want them all! They are so stinkin' cute!!

I've created a special Early CHRISTMAS shopping link just for this release. You can find that right here

As always, I appreciate you sharing my website and my Facebook V.I.P. page with all your friends and family. 

#BeColorful, #BeBrilliant, #BeColorStreet
Jan Stagner
Independent Stylist

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Where Have All The Flowers Gone???

Where did summer go? I just realized I haven't posted on my blog since September 1st! Say whaaat? Life has been a whirlwind for sure!!

We had our New York family visiting for two weeks in September. It was wonderful, but the time went by SO fast. My hubby and his brother were able to reconnect after years of living on separate coasts. I had the opportunity to get to know my sister-in-law. And we all traveled together around the PNW together. Many old childhood memories were shared and lots of new memories were made.

They also follow a WFPB lifestyle also, so cooking (on the days we were at home) was easy. Eating out was a tad more challenging. But we made it through it all without gaining weight. But now back on track as I still have weight to lose.

And, right in the middle of our adventures, I decided that my life wasn't full enough! LOL. I fell in love with Color Street Nails and decided to become an Independent Stylist!! I am loving it!! It keeps me busy, and I am being challenged to learn new things at my age.

What is Color Street? I just love Color Street nails.
I am blown away each time I apply Color Street nails because it is just kind of hard to believe that they are really that easy to apply. No more waiting for your nails to dry, only to have them smudge on the very first thing your finger happens to bump into. And even though I loved the gal that did my nails, now there is no more waiting at nail salons while you wait to spend way more money than you probably want to be spending on your finger nails.

Color Street nails are incredibly affordable, which is just another reason why I love them! They range between $11-$14 and they always have a $3 flat rate shipping. There are even buy 1 get 1 free deals on the french manicure sets and buy 3 get 1 free on all of the other sets, which include the solid colors, the nail art designs, and the glitter.

Check out my website at VivaLaDivaNails and please let me know if you have any questions. And join me on FACEBOOK where all the cool kids hang out! You'll get to see the new styles and colors first, get helpful hints, take advantage of specials, and have your friends join the party!

In the meantime, maybe I better go do some fall decorating, as summer left without notice and now the chilly, fall days are here!! It's one of my favorite seasons.

....until next time, keep your Sunny Side Up 🌞

Saturday, September 1, 2018

Welcome September....Oh How I Love Thee

Why do I love September?? September to me always feels like a new beginning.  No matter how long I have been out of school, I find that with the summer months behind us, I get giddy with excitement when I turn my calendar page to September.

September is my birthday month!! Even as old as I am, I love having birthdsys!! It's better than the alternative! I'm still above the dirt!

September is my anniversary month!! I was lucky enough to find my Prince Charming and I savor that everyday and celebrate every September!

September is our favorite month to take a vacation!! And this year is no exception!! We're taking a road trip and our East coast family are coming to visit for a sight seeing trip to our little corner of the world!

September is a new opportunity to decorate for fall and Halloween and start Christmas shopping!!

Welcome September....I'm so glad you're here!!!

....until next time, keep your Sunny Side Up 🌞

Saturday, August 25, 2018

Confessions of a Former Cheese Addict.....

It happens almost every single day! I get asked "but where do you get your protein"? Now, I get it. Why would you take advice from a fat 70+ year old lady? From someone who never met a potato chip or ice cream cone or big juicy steak she didn't like? From someone who was addicted to cheese and dairy? From someone who didn't pull their head out of their ass until they were 70!!

Those are all great questions! Until I was knocking on deaths door, I didn't listen either. I understand their reluctance to change. Since I've seen "the light" I've discovered that people are so ingrained in their thinking that they believe the only place you can get protein is from animals and animal based processed products like cheese and dairy and eggs!! It's simply not true!! Plants!!! Big beautiful plants have all the protein you will ever need!! Ask any cow, pig, horse, rhinoceros or dinosaur. Just think about it?? Where did they get their protein??

Since adopting the WFPB lifestyle, I have had the pleasure of getting to know endless men and women who are literally shimmering with optimum health. I've seen hundreds of people shed unwanted pounds, watch their high cholesterol and high blood pressure plummet, not to mention a resolution of many more health issues. And many of the “wellness  gurus” whose blogs I read, or Facebook pages I follow, are athletes, trainers, body-builders, marathon runners, etc – which shows that the belief that you can’t get enough protein from plants, is just simply NOT TRUE.

I urge you to do your own research! Check out these books!! Watch Forks Over Knives or What the Health on Netflix. Search YouTube and Facebook or Google for these health warriors and WFPB gurus like Michael Gregor, Neal Barnard, Rip Esselstyn, Tim Kaufman from Fatmanrants, Joseph Alexander from Become Greater, Chef AJ and more.

And start enjoying your life and delicious, nutritious, healthy meals like these!

Do it for you! I can promise you. It will do your body good.

So, don't take my word for your own research!! Help yourself! Change your life and just stop eating crap!!

Make this the first day of the rest of your life and become the person you want to be.

....until next time, keep your Sunny Side Up 🌞